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Ridwan, Christ's Shadowers


Release was an interesting book set in one Saturday in which the main character goes through loads of potentially life-changing events. I think the book was good in how the characters' emotions, reactions and interactions as it matched their personality and a lot could be interpreted from it. Patrick Ness was very good in how Adam had to explore and get to grips with his problems in the near future. However the book was a bit slow due to the fact that that Patrick Ness had to write about just one particular day and I believe the book would have been better if there was an aftermath in telling how Adam was six months later and how he dealt with the problems he faced. Also some parts of the book was very confusing and even at the end you didn't fully understand and I believe that the reader could have understood the book more if it was written in first person. Overall I think the book was good but could be improved but I would recommend it to someone who's looking for a realistic adventure book.

Posted on: 6th May 2018 at 12:36 pm

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