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Hamza, Littleover Community School

Where the World Ends

I have mixed opinions about this book. I'm more leaning to the good side but not there as a whole. I like the concept of people being marooned on an island as they grip on to survival, and, even though it has been done many times before, this is a book that stands out to me. It was supposedly a bad book, full of cliches and situations where you could predict everything coming at you. So I went to pick it up, thinking, "Might as well finish this one so I can get it over and done with." But it wasn't as bad as expected. The plot and context was amazing and there was a lot of character development throughout. However I hate that the author emphasized their accents a bit too much which ended up as a confusing thing. Half the time you couldn't make out what they were saying. But that was the only major problem about this book.
Also, for anybody who thinks that this book is sexist, and the fact that the author is a woman isn't enough:
1.They have been stranded on an island with provisions as hard to get as a decent haircut, so they are already stressed out.
2.They have been on said island for nearly 10 months so no wonder they're like that, they haven't seen a lady in forever.
And 3. This is 1727, so women aren't really as equal as men yet (Women privileges are not a thing).

Posted on: 7th May 2018 at 10:36 am

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