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Daniel, Larkmead Secondary School

Saint Death

Imagine one day, your friend comes up to you and tells you you need to play a card game to save his, his wife's and his child's life. Well this is what happens to Aturo. His friend Faustino has been in a narcotics gang for a long time and needs Aturo's help after he stole some money from the leader. He is on the run, taking refuge anywhere he can. But Aturo, being quite good at card games, agrees to Faustino's call for help. But will it be easy for Arturo to get the 1 thousand pounds his friend needs? Or will it take all Arturo has got to fight for his friends freedom? Will the only way to survive be by cheating Saint Death herself?

I enjoyed this book because it had quite a bit of action and adventure. I would recommend it to people who like action and adventure books. This book is 13+ because of swearing and drug references.

Posted on: 7th May 2018 at 10:58 am

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