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Annie, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Smell of Other People's Houses

At the start of the book it was a bit slow, you didn't know where it all fitted in with each of the characters, and it just talked about how they wanted it to be like it was before. But as you get further into the book, you find out a lot more and you start to begin to sympathize with the characters. They all have big problems, apart from Alyce.
-Ruth has the problem that she is pregnant underage.
-Hank is a runaway with his younger brothers, because his home is not safe.
-Dora has an abusive father.
And then there's Alyce. Her problem is that she wants to dance and get into a ballet school. It is good that they included Alyce’s problem because all of the other problems are quite serious, but Alyce’s isn’t very serious because it’s not as if she’s being beaten up or she’s a runaway or she’s pregnant or anything. I’m not saying that her problem is not important or anything, I’m just saying that it’s not as important as the other three problems.
I like all of the characters, but my favourite character has got to be Ruth, and even though I sympathize with all of the characters, I sympathize with Ruth the most.

Posted on: 8th June 2017 at 02:59 pm

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