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Evy, The Romans


Personally, i didn't particularly enjoy this book because i found it too short. It follows the story of two brothers who find an injured rook and decide to take care of it, meanwhile dealing with the struggles of everyday life and bullies.The story of rook, for me, was as shallow as the book itself physically. I didn't like the amount of quotation that was used in the book, as it felt like i was reading dialogue. I wouldn't have minded this if there were more narration and depth to the story, Which leads back to the short length of the book. On top of this, i found the story very generic and felt as if i had read it before. I found that it was predictable and not long enough to fully develop characters and events. the whole plot of the book just seemed like a generic "uh-oh, some things have gone wrong, but now its all good" and I found it hard to find any moral or message in the book. The blurb mentions the "twist" in the book going "horribly wrong" yet the issue is solved in two chapters or so. Well- written books will usually let big events like that have an impact and maybe consequences later on, not just be swiftly brushed past. I think the book could have been greatly improved by expanding the length to allow more depth and detail, and although i personally didn't enjoy this book, i can see how some people may like the story and be able to relate to it.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 08:35 am

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