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Anastasia, St Helen and St Katharine

After the Fire

Wow! After the Fire is a stunning and thought-provoking book written by the experienced author; Will Hill.
Father John (one of the big influences) always insisted that anyone from outside of the Lords Legion compound was a Servant of the Serpent and all the Brothers and Sisters believed…except some.
Undoubtedly my favourite Carnegie book. Throughout the book the author exposes some of the manipulated and vulnerable characters through cleverly written actions and narration.
The writing style subtly reveals traumatic and morally disturbing secrets that makes the reader want to know more. Although After the Fire is a work of fiction it is horrifyingly believable and makes for a fascinating read.
The reader is able to empathise with the main character (Moonbeam) because of her thoughts and opinions uncovered by her shocking narrative.
This is a dark and gripping story, a must-read for all! I rate After the Fire 10/10 and really look forwards to reading any other titles by Hill.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 09:03 am

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