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Niamh, St Helen and St Katharine

After the Fire

‘After the fire’ by Will Hill was one of the best books I have ever read: full of action, twists, tragedies and triumphs. It felt as though I was there - the heat of the fire, the whistling of bullets, the sounds of a world being ripped part. For the time I was reading it and for long after, I was consumed by the book. The story wrapped around my head and took control of everything I did.
Moonbeam lived her life inside the Lord’s Legion, told to hate the government, with harsh schedules and even harsher punishments so when her life burns out of control and it is her fault, it is up to her to look after those remaining.
Her beliefs are challenged throughout the story as she learns what it’s like to live in a world uncorrupted by lies and fear. I found the story heart-wrenching, full of such painful truth it burns - I love how some people can sort the truth from the lies but some still live with their heads full of corruption (“broken” as Moonbeam calls them) and how someone can still guide your life even if they are not there and even if they were wrong.
The name is still etched into my mind like a scar that will never fade……..Moonbeam.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 09:04 am

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