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Chloe, St Helen and St Katharine

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond the Bright sea is a book which is about a girl called Crow who was sent away in a skiff with a ring and a letter from her mother (which unfortunately had been almost destroyed when Crow was at sea). Crow has kind people around her, such as Miss Maggie and Osh, who look after her. Crow wants to know who her parents were and where she comes from. She doesn’t want to be from Penikese yet that is the first place she feels she must investigate seeing as it is one of the closest islands to Cuttyhunk (which is where they live). With criminals and family plots involved what could possibly be less boring? I loved this book and I thought the ending was brilliant. I also thought I had finished the book once but I still had a long way to go! As much as I loved this book though, I wish that it had tied up all the loose ends so that there were no secrets still being kept.
The characters I thought sounded a bit unusual and not completely human. For instance, Miss Maggie was, I think, meant to be old. However, it sounded as if she was in her fifties or early sixties. Crow was meant to be eleven but with all the brains I think she sounded thirteen, because she was so very clever in this book. Osh was a very mysterious person who did most of the parenting for Crow but I thought that somethings could have come out at the end. Otherwise, the characters behaved normally and I thought they worked well together.
The style the author has written in is not confusing at all. Clear shortish sentences. And it was a bit informal with more colloquial but it is not too informal. Lauren Wolk creates a mood of mystery which is very thrilling to read because you wonder what might happen next. There is also a fair valance of narrative and dialogue in this book. The styles are very appropriate to this book and they worked really well.
I thought that this book was really, really good and if I had the choice I would definitely read it again. I would mark this book eight out of ten because I thought that all the secrets should have come out in the wash at the end. And also, I thought the characters were a little confusing.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 09:10 am

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