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Lizzie, Carmel College

Salt to the Sea

This was a beautiful read. It brought up ideas that people do not usually think about when discussing World War II, how many people got displaced and how Nazi Germany did not look after their people. It had a plot that neither sped up nor slowed down once the four characters met.

The characters were beautifully written and I enjoyed how they all reacted with each other. I loved how they were well rounded characters but only Joana was aware of her faults. I also liked how even though there is lots of secrets, like who Alfred is writing his letters to in his chapters it is not automatically solved. And it is often in other peoples paragraphs that we see growth in each of the four characters. I also enjoyed the fact that not everyone who had their points of views shown in paragraphs were protagonists and that the antagonist that shared his chapter were regular instead of just a couple of times like in other books.

All together, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it's characters.

Posted on: 5th April 2017 at 04:39 pm

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