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Mrs Blyth, Limpets

Wed Wabbit

I thought the start of this book was gripping and established the feelings of the protagonist Fidge towards her sibling Minnie brilliantly. The episode where Minnie was run over whilst chasing Wed Wabbit into the road was heart-stopping and the fear of this will resonate with all parents reading this book. Unfortunately,the'Alice in Wonderland-cum-Teletubbies-cum-Two Weeks with the Queen' saga which followed just did not cut the mustard and I have to say that I felt it dragged on to the point that I gave the book the great heave-ho before the end. I hope Minnie recovered but if not, swapping places with the annoying, exacerbating cousin Graham would not go amiss. I know that this was the point of his characterisation but it was not appealing or amusing. Anyway, I'm an adult and the book wasn't aimed at me, so what do I know.....?

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 10:50 am

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