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Mrs P, St John Fisher RC High School

After the Fire

This book is amazing! The story is inspired by the real life event of the Waco siege at the compound of a religious sect but is not a re telling. The central character Moonbeam has lived in the desert compound of the Lord's Legion under the leadership of Father John who has become more autocratic over the years and controls strictly the lives of the sect's members. We follow Moonbeam's story while the sect is still in existence and in the aftermath of a violent stand off with the police and military that sees the compound burnt out and many lives lost. The survivors are Moonbeam and her fellow younger brothers and sisters who are undergoing therapy in a secure unit before rehabilitation in the real world. Definitely a read for mature readers this is a raw story of a fictional cult with a range of well drawn characters and situations. You will be horrified by some of the events that occur and amazed at the resilience of the characters. You can also see how people could be drawn into a cult and lose control over their own lives. This has got to be the winner!!

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 02:00 pm

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