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Ebony, St Albans Girls School


Rook is a book based on two teenagers and one of which has learning disabilities so his younger brother almost acts as his guardian and helps him through his everyday life. The two boys find an injured rook in a field. This is a similar relationship between the two brothers. It also shows the struggle between the rook and how he is trying to recover and Nicky, who experiences his own personal problems and how he tries to overcome them. When I read this book, I didn't get a sense of excitement or many different emotions. This book didn't strike me as unique or thrilling and was all quite ordinary. Also, the story line wasn't different as I have read other books that were quite similar. However, I like how Rook raises awareness for young teenagers with learning difficulties and was also a quick and easy read.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 02:39 pm

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