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Blessing, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow was a very good book. It was about a refugee-born child who tried to remain positive in the midst of danger, death, disgusting food and no education. My favourite bit was when Subhi’s sister revealed to him the truth about his existence. My least favourite bit was when he had split personality moments. The style was appropriate to the theme because you had some people who had hope and people who wanted to give up. The author wasn’t very clear on how he wanted us to perceive the ending. The author also made the mood and atmosphere change half way through a chapter. The dialogue and narrative work was quite good as they didn’t put a speech from out of the blue. The author had a good basic language structure that was easy to grasp and understand. The book wasn’t filled with a lot of detail but got the point across neatly. The plot was very unexpected with people dying when you didn’t expect them to and showed the consequence for good and bad actions. The author didn’t seem sure whether or not to have a happy ending, so when you thought it was going to end, a new plot just began.

Posted on: 9th June 2017 at 12:45 pm

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