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Maddy, Oakgrove School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I’m still very unsure about the Stars at Oktober Bend. In the beginning, I really strugged to understand what Alice (the main character) was saying. This is because it wasn’t written in full sentences. It didn’t have capital letters and it had full stops in weird places. However, I started to pick it up further on in the book and started to enjoy it. I think it really highlights human rights because the main character had brain issues and you could really tell what affect that had on her and her family. I disliked some of the poems because I thought some of them didn’t fit with what she was narrating and some made me a bit confused. My favourite part was the ending because I really understood what was going on. Overall, I think this book was good once you started to understand how it was written, but if you don’t understand, you won’t like it.

Posted on: 9th June 2017 at 12:46 pm

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