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Katherine, Oakgrove School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

When I opened up this book I found that I had been very excited to read it but soon felt overwhelmed not by a great opening sentence or intriguing chapter name, but by the fact that there were no capital letters. As I read on, I discovered that this was due to the way that Alice ‘works’ – so at the start I struggled to deal with the randomly placed punctuation. Also, from the very start of the story, unfamiliar and confusing terminology is used – ‘twelveness’, ‘my electricals’ – which makes it hard to get into the book.
However, once you begin to understand what Alice is talking about, the story falls into place. Alice is a complicated character and it is only after about three quarters of the book that you finally get why she writes like this and thinks differently. Manny is easier to understand from the first time you read from his point of view. His ‘circuits’ are in working order, but he still has a troubled background, which is why human rights are a prominent theme in this story. It isn’t hard to sympathise with both narrators and I liked the puzzles of their pasts that began to fit together the more you read.

Posted on: 9th June 2017 at 12:48 pm

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