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The Stars at Oktober Bend

I really loved reading 'The Stars at Oktober Bend' and really enjoyed exploring the characters and their storys.

The Stars at Oktober bend is about a young girl called Alice Nightingale, her terrible accident, her family and her friends. Alice was abused by two boys when she was twelve leaving her with terrible injures. she fears she will have to stay twelve forever and will never grow up. Alice lives with her brother Joey and her grandma. her grandma suffers from very bad breathing leaving Joey to look after her and Alice. However, Joey wants a life of his own so when he meets a girl called Tilda he try's to be more independent.

Luckily for Alice Manny comes along. All of Manny's family have been killed by soldiers leaving him to seek refuge with Louisa James. Manny finds Alice's poems that she writes in her book of flying and leaves around Oktober bend. Manny automatically like Alice and try's his hardest to become friends with her. Alice falls in love with Manny as he is the only person that makes her feel 15 not twelve.

Everyone is happy except for Tildas step brother who tells Manny to tell Joey that he must stay away from Tilda or something bad will happen to Alice. Luckily nothing bad does happen until the end of the book when there is a flood and the house on stilts might float away.

Alice, Joey, Tilad, Manny and Alice and Joeys grandma are all in the house when they have to evacuate. they cant fit Alice on he boat so she stays at the house with her dog Bear. Whilst Alice is waiting for the rescue boat Hamish O'oleary (Tilda's step brother) comes down the the river and gets stranded on a branch. Alice finds the courage to talk to him and in the end she helps him. I don't want to spoil the ending but they all end up back in Oktober bend safely.

Unfortunately Alice and Joeys grandma dies but there grandad dose get out of prison and comes back to live with them. Alice also gets a scholarship into an art school so she can go off and be independent.

I loved the book even though I did cry through the last three chapters. It is thrilling, up lifting and heart breaking all at the same time.I love Glenda Millards writing style and i would definitely recommend it.

Posted on: 9th June 2017 at 01:25 pm

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