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Amy L, Glossopdale School

After the Fire

'After the Fire' is about a seventeen year old girl called Moonbeam. Moonbeam was part of the fire that happened and I found this a really good book to read.

Most of this book is set in an interview room and the chapters are either 'Before' or 'After' for reasons that become apparent as you start reading the novel.

During this novel it shows how Father John controls everybody's lives by making them believe in something that could ruin their life.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it is very exciting finding out what has happened. During the book Moonbeam has to tell memories to a psychiatrist and an FBI agent to help them with their investigation. The doctor and the agent need Moonbeam to trust them otherwise they won't be able to find out what happened.

It is interesting being in somebody's head who has gone through a traumatic event. I also found it interesting to see how the other children that survived had dealt with the situation.

I would recommend this to people about the age of 13+ because there as some violent/disturbing scenes. I would give this a 5/5 because it was gripping and it wasn't slow-moving like some of the other books that I have read.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 05:16 pm

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