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Isabella, Sir John's Shadowers

Beyond the Bright Sea

I thought this book was heart-warming, touching and beautifully descriptive. The wide variety of emotion, (love, loss and isolation), pierced me like a dagger. The style of writing was very unique. The book jumped into action from almost the very start of the book, and the story flipped back to other stories from way beforehand. Just when you think all the excitement is over, the book reaches down and find even more to entertain you. It is a true page-turner and also one to open your mind to the less fortunate and mistreated.
The main character, Crow, had to cross many rivers in her life to find out who her true family were and where she really belonged. She was largely avoided by her fellow islanders, as they thought she was born on Penikese, home of a former Leper hospital. She arrived a newborn baby washed up on the shore inside a leaky skiff on the island Cuttyhunk, where her foster father, Osh, discovered her. Up until she was 12, she knew nothing of her dark and puzzling past. One day, when she spots a mysterious fire burning on the abandoned Penikese beach, the truth of her shady background deepens, sending her sprinting from island to island, and also from a homicidal murderer.
Can she reveal the haunting story of her parents and family or will time itself destroy the peace and adoration her idyllic adoptive family?

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 05:23 pm

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