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Amelia, Glossopdale School

Where the World Ends

I found that Where the World Ends was a very traditional, eventful book about Quilliam, a boy who is sent with some others to a "stac" to catch birds for the people back on their island. But in this story, no one arrives to take them home! Forced to stay on the stac and starve, the boys will learn things about each other, a lot of interesting things that will slightly change their opinion of each other.
I didn't dislike this book but I do feel like it dragged on a little bit. I would also question the way it was written, as it was sometimes a bit confusing. However I really enjoyed the story line and how it was based on a true, yet terrifying story.
My favourite character is John, a friend of Quilliam, who has a very suprising secret.
I don't have a least favourite character because there is not really anyone who I find myself hating.
One thing that really gripped me about the story line is that how all the time you were reading you were thinknig about how, this really happened to people as the book is based on a true story. Also, the locked location of the setting could let the reader think it could be repetitive
I would recommend this book to people over 12 as it can be hard to understand at times.
All in all this is a clever book that I enjoyed.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 07:03 pm

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