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Noor-Ul-Ain S, Swanshurst School

The Smell of Other People's Houses

Where should I start...
This book has all the qualities that you would wish for in a mind lingering book. It's full of excitement, drama and as it has been described on the book; a tragedy. It is very differnt to what I have previously read due to the fact that the author, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, manages to interwine four different, emotional stories together. They are all told by four teenagers who face many challenges in life. Ruth, Alyce, Dora and Hank.

Ruth is a very shy girl who craves to be noticed.One of the many reasons why she is portrayed as a shy character is because of her attention-hoarding grandma. Or in other words her grandma believs that Ruth is not entiltled to an opinion. This lowers Ruth's self esteem leavingher with no words and no emotions to feel. Harbouring onto her thoughts damages her mental health leaving her with a fragile personality.

Alyce is seen as a normal teenager but cannot face the fact that she has to live with her two argueing parents. Her broken parents who have nearly broken her. She is an emotional wreck with responsabilities balencing on her shoulders. She does not feel too happy with her mother remarrying and isnt too sure on whether she should stay or not.Giving her the choice of staying with her father to enjoy fishing on the boat with him or towatch her mother start a new life witha different partner.

Dora is also displayed as a normal teenager but also faces family problems. You can see how this is linking...
She has to live with an abusive father and alchoholic mother, which ALSO gives her the responsability to look after her own self. Either way she is still in danger as her mother has no sense to what her daughter is doingh

I found this book very uncomfortable to read due to the fact that it was set in Alaska, I am normally used to it being set in more foreign countries but in the end the emotional rollercoaster had to be put to a stop. This book did make sense as the four stories connected in its own magicial ways. As if each jigsaw puzzle peice was found

I do not want to give too much away but one peice of advice would be to get your tissues ready!

Posted on: 5th April 2017 at 08:44 pm

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