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Ella , Ashmole Academy


Release is a fantastic romance and fantasy novel, by the never disappointing Patrick Ness.
Throughout the novel, multiple problems are addressed that young people face in today's world, for example homophobia and problems within relationships. The book tells two stories throughout, the story of Adam Thorn and the story of the soul of Katherine van Leuwen. The reader thinks the story of Adam, is the main story, and Katherine's is a side story. However, nearer the end of the book, the reader wonders whether the main story is actually Katherine's. This is confirmed when, the faun and queen (entwined with the soul of Katherine) refer to Adam as a boy. This plants thoughts into the reader's mind how one life, that seems so big, so significant to the person living it, is so insignificant, so small, on a world wide scale.
There are many elements of society that are homophobic, and to have a book with a homosexual main character really helps tackle this issue, by giving those from the LGBTQ+ community representation and a voice. There are not many books written with a persona of someone that is from the LGBTQ+ community so I think that Patrick Ness will encourage more authors to write in that way.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Release', it certainly is up there as one of my favourite books of all time and believe that it would be a deserved winner of the Carnegie Book Award 2018.

Posted on: 8th May 2018 at 08:32 pm

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