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Matthew, Sir Harry Smith Community College


The science-fiction book 'Railhead' by Philip Reeve is an excellent and thoroughly intriguing book. It is futuristic and very descriptive. At first, it is hard to get your head around, as there is so much going on. For example, the author writes about the Interstellar Express and the K-gates, which are completely new to us. However, as it goes on, it starts to become clearer.

This story first introduces us to the character Zen Starling, a thief who steals for his poor family. Philip Reeve describes Zen as an adventurous, trouble-seeking person who is always on the run. His family lives in a scruffy house in a place called Cleave (nicknamed 'Thunder City' because of all the industry). In this novel, we see lots of different yet awe-inspiring relationships and personalities. We come across 'Hive Monks', truly bizarre beings that are made up of thousands of bugs that group together. There are also human-like robots called Motorik and lots of other characters introduced at some point in the story.

Zen encounters a cunning, peculiar man, who hires him to commit a huge theft that eventually changes his life. As the story goes on, Zen's relationship with a Motorik called Nova grows and grows as they get further and further into an adventure.

This book may begin slowly, but it builds up and up until you cannot put it down and the ending leaves you longing for a sequel. I recommend 'Railhead' to everyone, especially those who love adventure and who are into science-fiction.

Posted on: 9th June 2017 at 05:19 pm

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