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Akash, French International School Hong Kong


Imagine a future in which technology has progressed so far ahead that humans are inhabiting hundreds if not thousands of planets. Imagine that trains are the best mode of interplanetary transport hopping through K-gates, a system similar to wormholes of quantum physics.

Data is saved in vast networks collectively known as the Datasea. Powerful beings have picked an Emperor to control the population after downloading themselves into the Datasea. But one of these mysterious beings, called Guardians, made a mistake. It allowed a man named Raven to download himself into the Datasea.

Insert petty theef Zen Starling. Son of unstable mother and brother to hard-working Myka. However, Zen's past is shrouded in mystery.

Raven has a plan to unstablize the entire system but he needs one small thing first. Zen Starling must impersonate one of the Emperor's relatives and get on the Noon train. With the help of a rather realistic robot named Nova, he must infiltrate the train and steal an ancient artifact known as the Pyrxis.

Follow Zen's story of action, loss, adventure and slight touches of romance and of course lots of good humour. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody. All aboard the Carnegie Express!

Akash Rajesh

Posted on: 6th April 2017 at 01:30 am

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