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Jonathan, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wild Animals of the North

Wild Animals of the North is a fascinating book. The 3D illustrations really bring the wild animals to life.
As this is a factual book they have made the illustrations clear and pleasing.
Dieter Braun has done an outstanding job of synergy of illustrations and text.
He has done this by making the illustrations tell the reader the animals' characteristics.
The style of the illustrations really suit the facts of the animals.
In addition, the text is very informative giving the reader a detailed explanation of the wild animal.
Even though this is extremely good, I would have wanted a factual explanation for each animal.
Also, I really enjoyed the user-friendly map of where the extraordinary animals come from.
Finally, the graphical pictures are visually pleasing because the pictures are so detailed and fascinating, making the reader find out the key information just from the illustrations.

Posted on: 10th June 2017 at 09:48 am

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