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Grace, St Helen and St Katharine

Where the World Ends

I began reading where the world ends thinking that it wouldn’t be very good as that was what all my friends had said but I really enjoyed it. The plot was interesting and well constructed and all the events were believable within the limits set by the subject of the book. He also does tire up all loose ends at the end of the book.
The characters are all believable and convincing they develop throughout the book interacting with each other and they take you on a journey getting to know each other and you getting to know them. They interact with each other convincingly because for example when Quill gets banished from the Bothy The minister Col Cane asks everyone to throw stones at Quill and the first person to service tone is Kenneth the bully . All the characters behave/speak in the way that I would expect knowing the background and surroundings.
The style of the book is appropriate to the subject and theme of the book. The book is written in third person. The author has created a mood of glue and surroundings with no hope. There is a nice balance of narrative and dialogue throughout the book.
I thought that the book was a good book and I’m like what all of my friends have said about the book I really enjoyed it we also really took me to the stacks and it was like I was there going through all the starvation. I’m going to give it 9 out of 10.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 10:42 am

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