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Lily Chance, Malvern St James MSJ

Wolf Hollow


I really like this book because it is very enjoyable. I like how it is structured and how Annabelle is very protective over her piggy bank and wants to hide it to make sure it is safe. The language is really sophisticated which makes it really engaging. I don’t really read these types of books as I am normally into adventure and animal books so this is very different for me. The book ropes you in and you can almost imagine that you are Annabelle and that’s what makes me like it. I have read 2 chapters and I have already found a big connection with the book. I find it really delightful and I enjoy reading it. I would love to carry on. I was quite interested in the story. The front cover is really eye catching with the moon and the hills and the trees. I really enjoyed reading the first chapter and I thought that I would really like to carry on just like that. The blurb helped me to start the book with the imagery and the sophisticated language. The characters seem to be really nice. I care about Annabelle. I find it really endearing that she is so protective over her piggy bank and how she doesn’t want to lose it. I would definitely recommend Wolf Hollow because of how well Lauren Wolk (Author) has written the book. She used very good language which captures what this book is about. I think the mood of this is happy and exciting. I would definitely carry this book on in the future.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 12:33 pm

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