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Beth, Denefield's Brilliant Bookworms

Beyond the Bright Sea

This is a soul searching story about a girl called Crow who, with only a few mysterious possessions and a hunch, is trying to find out where she came from. We follow Crow as she goes about her island life with Osh, the man who rescued her, he is a man of little words and many mysteries, and Miss Maggie, a friendly neighbour and Crow's teacher. The pace of events are relatively slow, reflecting the calm life for Osh, Crow and Miss Maggie on the island. As the story unfolds we learn what it really means to find yourself, and just how important knowing your name can be. Beyond The Bright Sea will make you stop and think. Wolk shines a light on how important it can be to simply know your name or where you come from.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 03:29 pm

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