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Erin, Northampton Academy

Beyond the Bright Sea

I loved this book! Written by Lauren Wolk, it was captivating, involving and descriptive, I especially loved how it was set in 1925, and from the point of view of someone living a simple life on an island, like Crow. As there are not many stories with a similar setting, I feel this is one of the many features that makes this book great. One feature of this book I loved was the storyline. Although it was set in the early 20th century, I felt this was a very modern take. This story could be similar to another child somewhere going on a very similar journey to Crow's; looking for their biological parents. In Crow's search for her family, she experiences many emotions such as anger, confusion and fear for when she finally will meet them. This makes her a believable and relatable character. Osh, Miss Maggie and the other major characters are the same too. Personally, my favourite character was Osh; I loved how he was described as gentle, humble and protective, especially when it came to Crow. As well as being very believable when Crow did find her family I feel like me and other readers could empathize with his range of emotions. Like when he thought she would leave him after finding his brother, despite him loving her unconditionally. In conclusion, I loved this book, the characters in it and the easy-going writing style.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 06:29 pm

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