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Amy SHD, Bryanston Carnegie Club

The Hate U Give

I am quite enjoy reading this book so far, as I am on page 32. The novel opens on a spring break party in the neighborhood of Garden Heights. 16 years old Starr Carter, she kind of like feels out of place at the party, which is crowded with dancing teenagers. I get feeling sometimes, thinking everyone just staring at you. It is really hard to be in a party that you don’t know anyone and have no one to hang out with. Surly she was forced to go to this party by Kenya, a girl her age who she knows because they share an older brother named Seven. He is Starr’s half-brother. He's eighteen and was accepted to many colleges, but he doesn't want to leave Garden Heights because he feels the need to protect Iesha.

Kenya leaves with two friends to get drinks, and Starr stands alone, feeling awkward as always. The uncomfortable moment passes when Starr sees Khalil, she is Starr’s close childhood friend
. Khalil looks good, and is dressed in fancy clothes and shoes.
Khalil updates Starr on his life with a conversation about his family, his mother and grandma. That is pretty much I read, as I keep reading this book, I think I will find out more things about Starr and her relationship. Highly recommend this book.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 07:29 pm

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