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Rahul, Colton's Keen Readers


I quite liked Rook to be honest. It’s based on a teenager's life and I thought people my age could relate to this a lot.

When Nicky and his brother Kenny come across a rook being attacked by a sparrowhawk, they chase off the raptor and rescue the rook. Kenny is eager to keep the rook and shower it with love, but Nicky has other avoiding the bully at school. When I came across this I really thought that this was gonna be my book because reading something that would relate to my lifestyle interests me. Therefore I kept reading. Nicky also has problems such as trying to talk to girls he likes. As you can see both Nicky and Kenny have opposite opinions on keeping the rook. This is what made the story interesting as there were two people anxious to get their way. It made me want to know what happens, Do they keep the rook or do they abandon it?
Overall I think this book was good but does not deserve to be the winner. It needed a bit more. It’s a nice simple book for an easy read but not quite good enough for the win. I give this a 7/10. I do recommend you read this as you may be able to relate to it as well.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 08:24 pm

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