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Anu S, The LAT Readers!!

Salt to the Sea

The book is about each person's experiences and worries throughout the World War 2. My favourite character is Emilia because she has a really sad background. The character felt real to me because her life was not perfect, it was like a mirror image to my life, and the way Ruta Sepetys gives a great description about her character. Everything about the story kept me guessing. It was a historical fictional book.
My favourite part of the story was the ending because you wouldn't have expected it. The scene where Emilia gave birth was written in detail. The book made me have mixed emotions because it was sad but it was interesting at the same time. The book lured me in and persuaded me to read it till 11:00 at night. I didn't like the way that Ruta Sepetys wrote it, because it was confusing and hard to keep up. It was difficult to care for the main character because she was including other people's perspectives. The story was like a thriller but it was not a thriller. Overall I will suggest people to read this book because it is really interesting and and tells you everyone's experiences.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 02:52 pm

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