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Sophie, Teignmouth Community School

Where the World Ends

For the first 90 pages or so, I cannot say that I was massively into this particular book. The only reason I continued to read was because it had made it to the top 8, so, I thought it surely must pick up. Thankfully I was not disappointed. After finding out the secrets of various characters, I became truly intrigued. Then I thoroughly enjoyed it up until I had finished it, where of course I was disappointed as I wanted to know more about their lives and the aftermath.
It was well constructed, though as I said earlier, I could have done with something to draw me into the book earlier. I did get ever so slightly confused with the very last chapter, I did not feel that it explained his life after, in the detail that the rest of the book had plenty of. Which was admittedly a bit of a let down. However, not too much to have stopped me from enjoying the book as much as I did. I was thankful to the second to last chapter, tying up all of the loose ends.
Of the books I have read, this one has some of my favourite charecters, including John and Davie. It was the first time for Davie, allowing you to have the first experience of the rocks with him. His innocence gave the book a less sinister feel, though I cannot say the same for Cane.
I felt that this book should be aimed at people who are 12 and above. Not that that the language is to difficult, but at parts it can become quite gruesome and these parts are explained in some detail (warning for vegetarians). On the whole, I enjoyed this book and all of the dramatic events and secrets it contained. It was especially good giving the details at the end about the island it is based on.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 09:26 pm

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