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Michaela, Malvern St James MSJ


Due to the title and front cover I did not expect the first paragraph to be like it is. The opening paragraph gives a sense of excitement over what is going to happen later on. When Zen (the main character) is running you wonder whether is he going to get away. He acts like he is not trepidatious until his mysterious encounter with the lady because of the way the author has made the sentence into small parts and joined it with commas. Then half way through the first paragraph Zen is nearly caught which is to be expected but then a young lady calls his name, which is weird because of the way he isn’t expecting it. If he knew the lady, he would have showed he did with his body emotions and movements. Instead he does not know her. Also, it makes you start to wonder whether there is any connection later on in the book with the lady which makes you want to carry on.
I like how the author hasn’t given any explanation about what Zen looks like. It makes you think which is one of the reasons that makes a book enhancing. As Zen is stealing he must be poor and at the beginning of meeting Zen I didn’t really warm to him as he was stealing but then when he is running away I felt relieved that he got away and has not been captured. The blurb is an enlightening piece of text because of the way it starts off dark but then gets interesting and reveals more on Zen.
I would definitely recommend this book for readers that like a story which is an adventure and has a sudden change from bad to good. Also this book has different emotions that are not expected throughout the first paragraph. I do like this book but it would be even better if he felt more emotions which give it more power.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 03:39 pm

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