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Jemima, Malvern St James MSJ

The Marvels

I love this book because it is extremely interesting and gripped me from the start. The book really makes you feel for the characters and it gets you so interested that it is almost impossible to put it down! It is also very heart warming and makes you feel good from the inside.

I really enjoyed reading it because you can create your own dialogue and words up to page 387. I felt this makes you feel more for the characters and get a better sense of the story because you can put it into your own words and phrases.

It was very interesting as it gave a very personal insight into someone else’s life slightly earlier on. The book is very interesting as it shows the different generations of the Marvel family growing up and their lives.

I did care for the characters because they all were very interesting and had their own story to tell about their lives on a very personal level. You end up feeling best friends with the characters at the end!

If I was to recommend this to somebody else (which I most definitely would!) it would be someone with a love of adventure stories, as it is a massive adventure which really gets you gripped into the book.

I got a sense of atmosphere, as at times it is very tense and you can sense some suspense and tension building up, even though the illustrated part. There is no strict dialogue and narrative, as a large chunk of the book is pictures, but it is free for you to give the characters their own voices.

There are not many descriptions of people, as you can usually tell by the character's facial expressions and actions in the sketches their personality, for example, Billy Marvel set up a theatre and tried to rescue his brother from a storm at sea, so that tells you he is very brave. It makes me really want to know more about them.

You are able to jump straight into the story, as it is easy to understand if you put it into your own words, and you can get subtle clues to what is going to happen next by the picture before. Although, there are quite a few surprising moments thrown in that you are totally not expecting.

His sketching style creates a different atmosphere with each drawing, some are dark and moody, whereas some are cheerful and uplifting. I think that Selznick did it to show that you don’t need words to create a story.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 03:43 pm

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