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Phoebe, Malvern St James MSJ


I rate this book (from the first chapter) 4 stars.
I gave it 4 and not 5 because it is hard to get a sense of the whole book completely but out of the sense I got, I thought it would be a good book. I liked the first chapter and I enjoyed reading it because I found it intrigued me. I think the plot was interesting because you can see the story from both aspects of the people’s lives. On one aspect, I care for Zen because he is the one that has to provide enough food and money for him and his family to survive, he should be in school and it is his parents job to work and make enough money to live off. But on the other hand I care for all the shop owners that Zen has stolen things from, I think he could use different methods for making money such as working in a job. Because I care about the characters it makes me want to read the rest of the book to find out more about them and the plot.

I would recommend this book to others because, even from the first chapter, I can tell a lot about what this book is going to be about. I think anyone who is into sci-fi and action would find this a great read and even if you aren’t then it is definitely worth a try because I am not much of a reader but this captured my imagination and made me invent what I think this would look like in my mind. I like the fact there are lots of ways to describe it in your own way because there are lots of different images you could be portraying.

Just from the first chapter, I understand the place to be busy which could give a sense of comfort but then there are all these eyes around him, watching. The mood is uneasy and it puts you on the edge of your seat, you become scared and do not feel you are ready for the next surprise that is awaiting you throughout the whole of the book.

The characters in this book all have a different feel to them, Zen is adventurous and tries to be sneaky, the goldsmith is cunning and clever and from all the different characters you get a sense of their personality without there being a description of them, through the things they say and do. I would like to know more about these characters and meet even more to make the book that little bit better. I think their personalities would sprout throughout the rest of the book with even more detail that has been added.

The story is quick to begin with as it jumps straight into the plot. There is a lot going on so it interested me more than having a descriptive first chapter, I think this is important to make the reader want to finish the book. Altogether I think this would be a great read for anyone and I intend to finish it.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 03:58 pm

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