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William, Chobham Academy Book Group

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Sputnik's guide to life on Earth, by Frank Cotrell Boyce, is funny and incredibly entertaining, not to mention original, and with a big heart to go with. The book is about Prez Mellows who, soon after moving in with a 'temporary' family, meets Sputnik, who claims to be an alien. The concept of the character of Sputnik is, as far as I know, entirely unique, as every character in the story sees him as something different: Prez as a human about his age, and everyone else as different breeds of dog. And even though the plot of the book does revolve around saving earth, the scale remains refreshingly small, with neither Prez nor Sputnik ever going beyond a small town in Scotland, meaning that it can be more focused on the comedy and the characters for you to get to know. It's simple, actually. All Sputnik needs to do is come up with a list of amazing things about earth to convince some higher ranking aliens to not destroy it. Interestingly, you never even get to meet any aliens other than Sputnik, as the story ends before that. Prez and the supporting characters, especially Jessie, also all go through their own journey throughout the book, as you, the reader slowly come to discover how Prez ended up in the Temporary in the first place, and towards the end the comedy starts to slow down, and you start to realize what the story is actually about. Overall, Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth is fantastic. The small scale means that it feels like it's bringing something incredible in everyday life, and that's really special. The plot is simple and the characters memorable, and most of all, it's very, very funny. The story told in this book is timeless, almost magical it sticks to simplicity and doesn't try anything big. This will become a classic, both for its humour and its heart. And it's impossible to put down.

Posted on: 6th April 2017 at 01:02 pm

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