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Ollie C, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys

Salt to the Sea

This was my favorite book I have read so far.It is written from the perspective of 4 people all with a different background life. There is Joana, Alfred, Florian and Emilia.While they are being hunted by Russians they too are hunting for a life that suits them Whether it be old or new.It is my favorite book so far because it is told from a few different perspectives.If a story is told from only one person it is in a way tunnel-like and there is no other view where as books like this are not a tunnel but a vast landscape filled with imagination.I also like it because it is partially based on a true story that took place in World War II.This is by far one of the greatest written books I have read and probably will read. Five star.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 05:06 pm

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