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Layo, Ashmole Academy

The Stars at Oktober Bend

Recently, I read a life-affirming novel called 'The Stars at Oktober Bend' by multi award-winning author Glenda Millard. This book really touched me and delved into emotions I don't normally feel when reading. Millard is very crafty in her writing and uses various techniques (like dual narrative and poetry) to help the reader empathise with Alice and feel the real implications of her situation. In a nutshell, the novel is about a 15-year-old girl called Alice who sustained a severe brain injury at the age of 12 resulting from a serious incident. The story follows her journey through life and how her 'twelveness' impacts her. The overall message was that Alice uses love from her family and a mysterious boy called Manny to get through the tough times and negativity. Here, the 'human rights' theme is evident as it shows all you need to succeed is support and guidance from those around you. I found this novel phenomenal because it deals with significant subjects, yet sheds light on these otherwise grey areas. I would highly recommend 'The Stars at Oktober Bend' because it is well written and unique. No matter what age you are, I guarantee you won't be able to put it down.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 06:53 pm

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