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Ayza, Swanshurst School


Beck is about a mixed race boy that has had to travel from country to country in order to seek a better life in the 20th century world, because he is now an orphan.
In this book you will have your emotions constantly played with due to all the discrimination black people had to face in the 1900s. You will have to read through situations ranging from sexual abuse, physical, mental and verbal abuse to what seems as though justice at last.
Lastly what I'd like to say about this book is that it should be read with caution. If you know that you find it hard to deal with mature themes or you prefer to read books that don't deal with such serious topics, I suggest that you move on to a different book. I think this because I actually do like reading books that deal with serious topics, however, I have actually been disturbed by this book; in a good or bad way, I'm not sure, but affected nevertheless.

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 08:46 pm

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