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Remy, TallisCarnegie2014

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

This is truly just a fun and amusing, easy to read book. Although it was aimed at a younger target audience i honestly really enjoyed it!. The story follows Prez as he aims to find the ten greatest things about the earth to prove it is not worth being destroyed. Prez meets a peculiar boy called sputnik who appears in different forms to other people, for example:to Prez he is a normal yet strangely dressed boy yet to all others sputnik appears as a dog (a different breed in each persons eyes) In fact the only character other then prez who can see sputniks true identity is his grandpa. The story is extremely zany and weird, at one moment little girls are playing with lightsabers and in another they've hosted a jailbreak for criminals. The second plot of the story is to find Prezs grandfather who was taken away from him, his grandfather suffered severe memory loss and commonly mistook Prez for a genius engineer. Prez's grandfather is a previous sailor and talks in the sailor slang a lot of the time, mistaking commonplace household items for parts of a ships. As Prez tries to reunite with his grandfather he and sputnik go on all sorts of adventures, sputniks quote "always read the manual" leads to some crazy moments occurring, for instance,if you read the manual for a TV then you will find that the remote is not only usable on a TV interface but also can affect time and space, hence how they speed up the aging process of tadpoles and freeze people in time using the 'pause' button. Due to the fact that Prez no longer lives with his grandfather, he was transmitted to the 'temporary', each summer, the children will go to different family's and in this situation Prez ends up with a family called the Blythes, the Blythes are a noisy family who live in a setting unknown to him with vast green fields and livestock to feed, the families lives and holidays are also changed by the 'dog' named sputnik. This book in my opinion is fantastic and i think it deserves all the praise it gets for being utterly new and hilarious. I had a great time reading the book and looking at the appealing illustrations. Thanks to Frank Cottrell Boyce for creating this book, i will be sure to recommend it!

Posted on: 12th June 2017 at 10:06 pm

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