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Sammy, King's School, Macclesfield

Where the World Ends

I really enjoyed reading Where the World Ends. There were constant plot twists that left you praying that the characters you develop such strong connections with were going to escape. When they didn't Geraldine McCaughrean left you empathising for the characters even more. The realism of the story really comes across well from the beautiful, but dangerous setting of Warrior Stac. It makes you connect with the story and enjoy it even more because you feel like this is real and this could happen to you. Therefore, this book really captures you attention and leaves you wanting more. The tragedies along the way and the tragic, unexpected ending all contribute to this fantastic book. There wasn't a second where there wasn't thrilling action or captivating events. For these reasons, I believe Where the World Ends should win the Carnegie Medal.

Posted on: 10th May 2018 at 12:55 pm

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