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Salt to the Sea

Germany is wrecked.
Four children. Four nationalities. Four deep secrets.

They were all born and raised in different countries and separated by borders, but can the horror of war actually bring them together?

As various , innocent people flee past borders towards the see, itching to get away from the powerful arrival of the red army, 4 of these people cross paths, all of them being born in a somewhat “enemy” country. But will this result in a friendship or a hatred for one another.
They aim to get on board as the “Wilhelm Gustloff” where they promised freedom and happiness. But the word “promise” is just a word.

“A very good interpretation of what WWII was like” J. K Rowling

“Rita Sepetys is an amazing writer. She writes so swiftly but so powerfully.
What a writer!” Meg Rosoff

Posted on: 13th June 2017 at 09:18 am

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