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ruby, Saint Barts (Carnegie)

Beyond the Bright Sea


I think that some parts of this book are boring because they do not have any excitement and are just trying to answer one quiston were is crows family from and were are they now?but some parts of this book surprised me as crow sees a boy who looks like her as she is travelling on a boat across to new belfred in search of her start to guess whats going to happen that she'll see him again and they will be reunited and he will be her brother.but at the end their is a ship wreck of the boat she and osh(a father figure who found her when she washed up on the shore as a baby)and Mrs Maggie (from cuttyhunk who nursed crow as a baby).they took him to their hut/home and nursed him back to health but the surprising bit was that he was not her brother and the book only just got exiting at the end and it ended on a mystery.overall i think this book was ok but quit boring and a bit frustrating at the end as it ended on a mystery.


Posted on: 10th May 2018 at 01:14 pm

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