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Frankie , Saint Barts (Carnegie)


-without spoiler review-
I thought the book was a really interesting differentiation on the common and generic coming of age/coming out story. Though this plot has become extremely popular and extremely overused recently, I think this book does have it's own original flair. I enjoyed the protagonist and other characters - they were both diverse and had original personalities. I think you would have to definitely be over 14 to read this as there are a fair few explicit scenes throughout. Overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend highly.

-With spoilers review (proceed at own caution)-

This book was very different style than Patrick Ness usually writes. In previous years, I've really enjoyed Ness' novels (e.g The rest of us just live here). However, I had a fair few problems with this book. Though I liked the novel overall - it's not my winner nor do I think it will be too successful in terms of Carnegie. I would recommend it to those who are looking for a modern, coming of age/coming out contemporary. Firstly, the problems I had with the book. I have to address the main problem first - the italics story. For me, it added nothing - it was plain and uninteresting and disrupted the flow of the plot. The only moment I think it added anything was with the rose at the end - and even then it felt like it had only been added in to make the story 'stand out', while I thought it would've been better without it. Secondly, this story was far more explicit than I expected it to be. Surprisingly, I felt that those scenes really added to the reality of coming of age and all the issues that come with that. Though I do think that there should be a higher age limit and should proceed with awareness. I also didn't understand the appeal behind the love interest, Enzo. I enjoyed Adam's conflict with the decision of Enzo and Linus and I think that struggle really brought through some character depth as we saw Adam's reasoning.

Okay, now some more positive points. Angela was easily my favourite character. Though I enjoyed Linus - he wasn't my favourite as we knew very little about him and he wasn't overly developed. Angela had good values as well as a strong personality and I just enjoyed her almost comic relief presence. I enjoyed the oppressive family aspect as I felt a lot of people would not only relate but detest his parents, as well as feel empathetic for their struggle of religion and love.

Overall, I enjoyed it - but as I said - not enough for it to win or rank too highly.

Posted on: 10th May 2018 at 01:15 pm

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