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Elouise, Book Chasers

The Bone Sparrow

As soon as you read the blurb of this book it captures you in an instant! I liked this book because it was well detailed and easy to picture. As well as this it had a good, interesting plot. Due to this I never wanted to put it down! It was good because it gave awareness of refugees in camps such as the one Subhi was staying in and the struggles they have to face. This made you really think about the book and people out there in the world who are in the same circumstances as Subhi. As well as this, this book made you think about the two different worlds, which Subhi and Jimmie came from. I like the layout of the book, because it has some long and some shorter chapters, which made this book an easier read. The plot is very well constructed as it gives you every detail and there are always different things to think about whilst reading it. As you go through the book, you begin to link up different aspects of it and make connections. Such as the Bone Sparrow necklace because you don't know at the beginning of the book what actually is the Bone Sparrow until you meet Jimmie. During the course of the book you begin to create emotional connections between different characters. I also like the fact there was some humour during this book as it made you smile even the circumstances weren't the best. It made you realise that Subhi, Queeny, Jimmie and Eli managed to smile. Overall I really enjoyed this book and I'd recommend it to any teenager or adult!

Posted on: 6th April 2017 at 07:20 pm

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