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After the Fire

After the Fire
By: Will Hill
Moonbeam has lived her whole life in a compound with her fellow brothers and sisters of the Legion, the whole community completely ruled by the controlling patriarch Father John, who loves rules and states that outsiders are the servants of the devil, and that he is the saviour of humanity. But after a cataclysmic fire that nearly wipes out the entire compound, Moonbeam begins to wonder whether Father John was telling the truth or if everything that she has been taught to believe is false.

After the Fire is an amazing book that lets us delve into the cult mindhood and shows us just how hard we sometimes have to fight to be free. It also allows us to find out how much people can grow to trust and take care of each other in stressful situations. My favorite part of the book was definitely when Moonbeam begins to open up to the detectives because it shows how she is able to muster up the courage to break unfair rules that have been engraved in her mind since she was young. It also shows how she is able to throw off the mantle that rests on her shoulders and embrace her new life.

Posted on: 10th May 2018 at 01:33 pm

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