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Mrs McBarron, UAH - Hooked On Books

Saint Death

I found Saint Death incredibly slow and hard to get into and it wasn't until I was near the end that I really started to be gripped by this powerful and disturbing novel.

The story is set in Anapra on the Mexican/American border where poverty, drugs, crime and corruption are the harsh reality of life for many who live there. The main character, Arturo, is asked by his friend, Faustino, to help him find $1,000 to save his life and that of his wife and child. To be able to do this, Arturo finds himself not only gambling to save his friend, but also to save himself. There was one part in particular where I found it hard to sympathise with Arturo, but by the end of the book my views had completely changed and I found myself totally engrossed in his sad plight.

Without giving away any plot spoilers, I found the ending both poignant and powerful, with a twist that I hadn't expected. For me, the final 50 or so pages turned this book around and made it a story that I will remember for a long time.

Posted on: 10th May 2018 at 02:40 pm

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