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Winning Year: 1971
Illustrator: Jan Pienkowski
Title: The Kingdom under the Sea

Original Publisher: Cape
Current Publisher:
Out of print

This is collection of eleven unique fairy tales from Eastern Europe and Russia. It is brilliantly illustrated in a highly original and recognisable silhouette style.


Jan Pienkowski was born in Warsaw in 1936. His family were architects and artists. He made his first book when he was eight, as a present for his father. It was about road rage, but featuring a horse and cart. The Second World War made his childhood an adventure, if not a very comfortable one at times. His family went from Poland to Austria, Germany, Italy and finally to England. He lived in Herefordshire, where he went school for the first time and learnt English. Later, he went to The Cardinal Vaughan School in London and then to King's College, Cambridge, where he read Classics and English.

He co-founded the greetings card company, Gallery Five. He worked in advertising, publishing and television. In his spare time he started to illustrate books for children. The books took over.

Jan pioneered the modern Pop-up book with Haunted House (subsequently on CD-Rom), Robot, Dinner Time, Good Night and 17 others.


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