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70 Years Celebration


Nominations for 2008

Please note we are still checking the eligibility of these titles. For more information about how these nominations were selected see the section on awards process. Also see the Carnegie nominations.

Allen, Pamela Shhh! Little Mouse
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780670070688

Allwright, Deborah (illustrator) Whybrow, Ian (author) Hello! Is That Grandma?
Publisher: Alison Green Books ISBN: 9780439944397

Andrew, Ian (illustrator) Asquith, Ros (author) Water Boy
Publisher: Templar ISBN: 9781840111576

Beaton, Clare (illustrator) Gannij, Joan (author) Elusive Moose
Publisher: Barefoot Books ISBN: 9781905236749

Benson, Patrick (illustrator) Melville, Herman (author) Needle, Jan (editor) Moby Dick
Publisher: Walker Books ISBN: 9780744586220

Broad, Michael Scaredy Cat and Boo
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340917787

Browne, Anthony Silly Billy
Publisher: Walker Books ISBN: 9780744570175

Cooper, Helen Delicious!
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385604987

Dunbar, Polly Penguin
Publisher: Walker Books ISBN: 9781844280650

Foreman, Michael (illustrator) Morpurgo, Michael (author) Beowulf
Publisher: Walker Books ISBN: 9781844287543

Gravett, Emily Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405089487

Gravett, Emily Monkey and Me
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405089494

Hedderwick, Mairi Katie Morag and the Dancing Class
Publisher: Bodley Head ISBN: 9780370329109

Jeffers, Oliver The Incredible Book Eating Boy
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007182275

Layton, Neal (illustrator) Cowell, Cressida (author) That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781843624516

Melling, David The Scallywags
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340884119

Melling, David Two by Two and a half
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340903100

Morris, Jackie The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems
Publisher: Barefoot Books ISBN: 9781905236558

Oxenbury, Helen (illustrator) Krauss, Ruth (author) The Growing Story
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007233328

Parker-Rees, Guy (illustrator) Mitton, Tony (author) All Afloat on Noah's Boat
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781846162060

Ray, Jane (illustrator) Duffy, Carol Ann (author) The Lost Happy Endings
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747579229

Reynolds, Adrian (illustrator) Willis, Jeanne (author) Who's in the Loo?
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781842703359

Richardson, Peter (illustrator) Orme, David (author) Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space
Publisher: Ransom Publishing ISBN: 9781841676135

Riddell, Chris Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405050579

Roberts, David (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author) Tyrannosaurus Drip
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405090001

Sharratt, Nick (illustrator) Goddard, Neil (author) Never use a Knife and Fork
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405053112

Sharratt, Nick (illustrator) Taylor, Sean (author) When a Monster is Born
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781843623557

Stojic, Manya (illustrator) Blackford, Harriet (author) Tiger's Story
Publisher: Boxer Books ISBN: 9781905417353

Vere, Ed Banana!
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141500591

Vere, Ed The Getaway
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141382272

Warburton, Sarah (illustrator) Oram, Hiawyn (author) My Unwilling Witch
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781407802756

Ward, Helen Wonderful Life
Publisher: Templar ISBN: 9781840115673