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70 Years Celebration



Hodder (Age range 10+)
ISBN: 9780340716007
Winner of the 1998 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…. the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland brought hope for an end to the country’s Troubles…SM:tv Live! Saturday morning television for children was launched…the Spice Girls said goodbye with their song “Goodbye”

As long as Michael can feel his sick baby sister's heart beating inside him, he knows she is alive. But as her condition becomes life-threatening and the family faces the nightmare of an operation to save her life, Michael turns to his new friend Mina, and Skellig, the strange being who lives beneath the crumbling garage at the family's new home. In his debut novel for children, Almond created a wonderful book full of mystery which continues to have a haunting power over its readers.

Penguin (Age range 14+)
ISBN: 9780141315935
Winner of the 1996 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…American football star O.J. Simpson was acquitted of first-degree murder in an internationally televised trial…British beef was banned in the EC after BSE was discovered…Britain became Cool Britannia and Oasis sang “Don’t Look Back in Anger”.

A novel for readers of 14 years and over which honestly and realistically depicts the lives of young heroin users, Tar and Gemma who run away to live in a squat in Bristol and become addicted to heroin. When “Junk” became the controversial winner of the Carnegie Medal, it made a statement about the Medal itself and how it sometimes rewards books for young people that push the boundaries of their understanding.

Egmont (Age range 6+)
ISBN: 9780749746988
Winner of the 1985 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…Mikhail Gorbachev became President of Soviet Union…the wreck of Titanic was discovered…the Live Aid concert was held to help famine in Africa…Wimbledon’s youngest ever winner, Boris Becker won Men’s Singles final…Tears for Fears sang “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.

Annie knows the secrets of the great marsh. She’s even heard about its ghost. But on a terrible night, when Annie must brace the storm alone, not even she knows what to expect. A perfectly constructed and lyrical story, constructed in few words which is ideal both for younger readers, and older children who cannot sustain a longer read.

Bloomsbury (Age range 12+)
ISBN: 9780747570639
Winner of the 2003 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…Britain joined the US Invasion of Iraq…the Black Eyed Peas sang “Where is the Love”.

When Mattie is entrusted with a bundle of letters, she fully intends to burn them just as Grace Brown, the young woman who gave them to her, has asked. But when Grace is found drowned next day, Mattie finds herself unable to destroy them. As she begins to read the letters, a riveting story emerges. An extremely impressive first novel about hard choices and the power of language to free us from the constraints of everyday based on a real murder at the turn of the century in New York state.

HarperCollins (Age range 10+)
ISBN: 9780007127894 
Winner of the 1967 Carnegie Medal

The year in which...the passenger liner, the QEII was launched…Christian Barnaard carried out the world’s first heart transplant…Che Guevara was shot dead by Bolivian soldiers…The Beatles released “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

In a secluded Welsh valley ringed by wild mountains, the characters and quarrels of three young people unfold as a tragic legend recurs – of two men who once loved the same girl and killed each other, leaving successive generations to play out the terror of that ancient triangle. From the moment Alison discovers the dinner service in the attic, with its curious pattern of floral owls, a chain of events is set in progress that is to affect everybody’s lives. This novel marked a turning-point for fiction for young people: there are the books that went before it, and the books which came after.

Penguin (Age range 8+)
ISBN: 9780141317168
Winner of the 1937 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…Edward, Duke of Windsor married Mrs Simpson…the 999 emergency telephone system came into operation…the unarmed Basque town of Guernica was destroyed by German bombers…Rodgers and Hart wrote “My Funny Valentine”.

There is never a dull moment in the big, happy and lively Ruggles family. From capable Lily Rose, whose good deeds don’t always go to plan, down to prize-winning baby William, the seven Ruggles children are experts at finding fun and adventure. This was the first book of its kind to portray a working-class family, and gives us a wonderful picture of the time with great appeal for a younger audience. It remains remarkably fresh and readable 70 years on.

Penguin (Age range 8+)
ISBN: 9780140364514
Winner of the 1952 Carnegie Medal

The year in which… Elizabeth II succeeded her father, George VI…‘Teddy Boys’ or ‘Teds’ emerged as a youth cult …Churchill became Conservative Prime Minister …food rationing ended.

Pod, Homily and Arrietty are a family of tiny people who live beneath the floor. Everything they own is borrowed, from the “human beans” who don’t even know they exist until the fateful day when Arrietty makes friends with “the boy upstairs”. In this classic children’s story, Norton created a whole world in miniature, fusing great imagination with real emotions.

OUP (Age Range 10+)
ISBN: 9780192717771
Winner of the 1958 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…Charles de Gaulle became President of France…the last debutantes were presented at court…Britain’s motorway system opened with the M6 

Tom has to spend the summer at his aunt’s house, and it seems as if nothing good will ever happen again. Then he hears the grandfather clock strike thirteen, and everything changes. Outside the door is a garden – a garden that shouldn’t exist. Tom knows that the garden and Hatty, the girl he meets there are too fantastic for other people to believe in. Only at the end of his adventures does he discover the secret of what lay behind it all. An enchanting and touching story, which is also a powerful reflection on the past.

Scholastic (Age range 10+)
ISBN: 9780439951784 
Winner of the 1995 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…war raged in Chechyna…there was further ethnic cleansing in Bosnia…slogan T Shirts, combats and camouflage trousers were in…Take That sang “Back for Good” 

Lyra Belacqua and her animal daemon live half-wild and carefree among the scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. The destiny that awaits her will take her to the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. Her extraordinary journey will have immeasurable consequences far beyond her own world…The first volume of Pullman’s now celebrated His Dark Materials trilogy won the Carnegie Medal when it was still relatively unknown. It is now universally revered as one of the most imaginative works in the English language, and a thought-provoking reflection on the human condition.

Macmillan (Age range 10+)
ISBN: 9780330397858
Winner of the 1975 Carnegie Medal

The year in which…Arthur Ashe became the first black man to win Wimbledon…Microsoft was founded…Pol Pot became communist dictator of Cambodia…Malcolm Maclaren produced a punk band named the Sex Pistols and his shop became the centre of punk fashion

Chas McGill has the second-best collection of war souvenirs in Garmouth, and he desperately wants it to be the best. When he stumbles across the remains of a German bomber crashed in the woods, its shiny, black machine-gun still intact he grabs his chance. Soon he’s masterminding his own war effort with dangerous and unexpected results. A marvellous novel about the Second World War, and also about now.

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20 April 2007