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70 Years Celebration


Nominations for 2010

Please note we are still checking the eligibility of these titles. For more information about how these nominations were selected see the section on awards process.

Also see the Kate Greenaway nominations

Agard, John The Young Inferno
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781845077693

Allen-Gray, Alison Lifegame
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192728432

Almond, David Jackdaw Summer
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340881989

Anderson, Laurie Halse Chains
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747598077

Anderson, R J Knife
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781408303122

Ashley, Bernard Solitaire
Publisher: Usborne ISBN: 9780746081372

Bowler, Tim Bloodchild
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192719805

Brennan, Sarah Rees The Demon's Lexicon
Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781847382894

Brooks, Kevin Killing God
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141319124

Burgess, Melvin Nicholas Dane
Publisher: Andersen Press ISBN: 9781842701812

Caldecott, Elen How Kirsty Jenkins stole the elephant
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747599197

Cassidy, Anne The Dead House
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340932285

Chancellor, Henry The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn: The Museum's Secret
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192720832

Christopher, Lucy Stolen
Publisher: Chicken House ISBN: 9781906427139

Creech, Sharon Hate That Cat
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747595298

Crossley-Holland, Kevin Waterslain Angels
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842556917

Dogar, Sharon Falling
Publisher: Chicken House ISBN: 9781905294695

Donaldson, Julia Running on the cracks
Publisher: Egmont ISBN: 9781405222334

Dowd, Siobhan Solace of the Road
Publisher: David Fickling ISBN: 9780385609715

Dowswell, Paul Auslander
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747589099

Finn, Daniel Two Good Thieves
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230737761

Fisk, Pauline Flying for Frankie
Publisher: Faber ISBN: 9780571236190

Forman, Gayle If I Stay
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385616201

Gaiman, Neil The Graveyard Book
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747569015

Golding, Julia Wolf Cry
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192727619

Grant, Helen The Vanishing of Katharina Linden
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141325736

Hardinge, Frances Gullstruck Island
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405055383

Hearn, Julie Rowan the Strange
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192792150

Higgins, F E The Eyeball Collector
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230532281

Hoffman, Mary Troubadour
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747592518

Kennen, Ally Bedlam
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books ISBN: 9781407103853

LaFleur, Suzanne Love, Aubrey
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141326870

Laird, Elizabeth The Witching Hour
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230736795

Manning, Mick & Granstrom, Brita Tail-End Charlie
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781845076511

Muchamore, Robert Brigands M.C.
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340989036

Ness, Patrick The Ask and the Answer
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406310269

Newbery, Linda The Sandfather
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842555484

Patterson, James Max
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385614528

Peet, Mal Exposure
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406306491

Perera, Anna Guantanamo Boy
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141326078

Philip, Gillian Crossing the Line
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747599937

Pratchett, Terry Nation
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385613705

Rai, Bali City of Ghosts
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385611695

Reeve, Philip Fever Crumb
Publisher: Scholastic ISBN: 9781407102429

Riordan, James The Sniper
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781845078850

Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141382944

Sedgwick, Marcus The Kiss of Death
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842551851

Sedgwick, Marcus Revolver
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842551868

Strangolov, Lazlo Feather and Bone
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406316605

Stroud, Jonathan Heroes of the Valley
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385614016

Valentine, Jenny The Ant Colony
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007283590

Ward, Rachel Numbers
Publisher: Chicken House ISBN: 9781905294930

Whitley, David The Midnight Charter
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141323718

Wilson, Leslie Saving Rafael
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781842709184